1) Are you prepared to spend thousands of hours locked in a room by yourself?

2) Do you have a thick skin? Meaning can you take reading that you suck or your work sucks online somewhere?

3) Are you willing to rewrite stories based on notes you may disagree with?

4) Are you willing to trash an entire draft of something to get to the right one? (Meaning hours and hours of work in the trash)

5) Are you willing to read voraciously?

6) Are you willing to eavesdrop to hear how people talk to each other?

7) Can you ignore your friends and/or significant other for days (perhaps weeks) to finish a deadline?

8) Will you commit to continuously improve your skill?

If you say no to any of these you should not waste your time. It’s not a part time job. There are exceptions of course, but let’s be real you’re reading this so you’re probably not an exception (neither am I).

Matt Hawkins
Originally posted on Mr. Hawkins Facebook page and reposted here with his permission.

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