Creatives, entertainment folk and other professionals in the entertainment biz: understand the true definition of what the word “networking” entails. It’s not continually pestering someone on social media for work, or showing up a convention or attending a social gathering or party.

Networking is the creation of a solid foundation between two parties built on TRUST, over a long period of time, that leads to eventual success and rewards for BOTH sides.

Here’s a few tips on spotting a fake in any industry: they promise you things (money, back-end percentages, etc) without you ever offering them anything to begin with (No one in REAL Hollywood does this!).

If a person immediately begins to tell you how important they are–you can rest assured they’re not.

If a person can’t immediately point to a company or project that you’ve heard of or can look up–they’re not legit. If a person says they can manage you, but you’ve never heard of their other clients–run!

If a person promises ANYTHING without you putting in the work–run!

Nothing in the biz comes free without a price, that should be your guiding light.


Originally posted on Vince Hernandez’s Facebook page and reposted here with his permission.

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